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It provides a better, safer and friendlier digital experience for kids
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KIDO'Z is a web environment specifically designed for kids. It is built on Adobe Air and it allows kids to browse certain sites of the Internet from an application that is monitored by an adult.

The application consists of a sort of web browser with a bunch of predefined sites in it. Kids can only go to those sites. Most of the content belongs to Disney, so there should be enough material for kids to be entertained for a long while. There are videos, images, fansites, and games available. You can play all of those games from within KIDO'Z.

KIDO'Z resembles a web browser. There are back and forward buttons, and users can add favorites and access the main menu at any time, by clicking its icon. When launched, the web browser tries to prevent access to the computer, but anyone with knowledge of keyboard shortcuts can bypass that protection.

Parents can lock certain features of the application by accessing the "parent mode", which is password-protected.

The users (kids) can customize their avatars and change the graphical interface a bit.

All in all, KIDO'Z is a self-contained web browser that could allow your kids to get started with the world-wide web, while being protected from all the harmful content that is contained therein. It is easy to set up and very safe. The accessible content is approved by the KIDO'Z team and there are tons of games to be played.

José Fernández
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  • Safe environment for kids
  • Many games
  • Easy to customize and use


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